Why A Buyer’s Agent?

What is a Buyer Agent?

Okay, you’re driving through Pinellas County Florida or surfing the net when you see an incredible home for sale. Eager to look inside, you call the real estate agent on the sign or listed on the web…WAIT. The real estate agent affiliated with the listing is working for the seller. Whenever real estate agents list a property, they pledge confidentiality and loyalty to the seller. Although they are ethically bound to deal honestly and fairly with you, it’s their job to act on seller’s best interests… not yours.

Even if they don’t advertise the fact, most real estate agents work for sellers; representing the seller’s interest, not yours; and negotiating real estate sales with advantageous terms for sellers. If you want to buy real estate in Pinellas County, Florida, how can you be sure your real estate agent is acting with your best interests in mind?

Do you know that you, the Buyer, do not pay the Buyer’s agent’s commission? Typically, the Seller pays all commissions to the real estate agents. Pretty neat, as you have exclusive representation and you, the property Buyer(s) do not have to pay!

Benefits of Exclusive Buyer Agents (EBAs)

1. 100% Allegiance. EBAs, who work solely for buyers of real estate, have 100% allegiance and dedication to you, the buyer, from the onset of the relationship through the closing.

It’s my mission to represent the best interests of the buyer, which means we are exclusively focused on you, the buyer, from initial search and evaluation of properties to your closing on your dream home or investment. Exclusive Buyer Agents (EBAs), also referred to as Buyer Representatives or Buyer Brokers, are consumer advocates who always represent the best interests of the buyer in Pinellas County Real Estate. As a buyer’s agent, I’m on your side 100%, every step of the way. Read why experts agree that Buyers Agents are the best choice!

2. Free and Specialized Service. EBAs, who represent only 1% of all real estate firms nationwide, are true specialists in the buying process, and in Florida, my services is free to buyers.

In the past, all real estate agents represented sellers, and home buyers had to fend for themselves. Today, some real estate agents, have chosen to advocate solely for buyers, giving buyers a chance to have their own professional and highly skilled representation.

3. No Conflict of Interest. When you work with traditional real estate agents, you run the risk that they might also be representing the seller, leading to conflict of interest which most likely won’t benefit you, the buyer. As dual agents, they spend much of their time listing properties, marketing those properties and running open houses. Meanwhile, we spend our days focused exclusively on the needs, objectives, and issues of buyers.

4. Searches Tailored to You. EBAs, who never accept listings, will show you any listing from any seller with complete candor – including For Sale by Owner, REO / bank-owned / foreclosures, and short sales. Do you have a particular neighborhood or specific type home in mind?  I know it is discourging when do do not find it.  But, I can set up up on a custom MLS search for that “Perfect” home and we will know it when it first comes on the market.  Both of us will be notified the first day it is listed!

While traditional agents might be tempted to steer you toward a specific home or listing that belongs to one of their sellers, I never face that conundrum, and I only show you properties that are ideal for you. Since I am constantly reviewing all the real estate listings available (from companies, individuals and organizations), I know the real estate market better than most.

5. Candid Property Appraisals. EBAs, who assist buyers in property appraisals, can be completely candid about any property, making it my job to point out negatives as well as positives to help you make a fully informed decision.

When I take pictures of a property to show you, I don’t photoshop them for you. I want you to see the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of every property — so you won’t have any surprises later.

6. Buyer Negotiation. EBAs, who only represent the buyer’s side in real estate transactions, are especially trained and skilled in negotiating the best contract, terms and price for you, the home buyer.

7. Highest Quality Service. Perhaps most importantly, EBAs give today’s home buying consumers the high quality of service, advocacy, and information that you truly deserve.



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